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Schisandra Extract

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Product Name: Schisandra Extract
Supply Ability:
Specifications 3.0% Schisandrin B by HPLC
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Number: ASTAR-033
Category: Standard Herb Extracts
Effectiveness: Immunity enhancer / Anti-aging / Liver protection
Sources and Habitat:
Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis in Latin) is the dehydrated mature fruits of a herb known as Schisandra chinensis and belongs to the Schisandraceae family. Schisandra is widely farmed in China, particularly the northeastern part of the country. It is most commonly found in Lianoning, Hebei, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and is grown by sowing seeds. The seeds are sown in spring and the schisandra fruit is reaped in autumn after it is completely mature.

Descriptions and Specifications of Product:
Content Specifications: 1.0%,2.0%,3.0%, 5.0% 9.0% Schisandrins by HPLC
1.0%,2.0%, 3.0% Schisandrol A by HPLC
3.0% Schisandrin B by HPLC
Indications and Uses:
Modern Chinese research s***ests that lignans in schisandra regenerate liver tissue damaged by harmful influences such as viral hepatitis and alcohol. Laboratory work s***ests that schisandra may improve work performance, build strength, and help to reduce fatigue
Schisandra fruit may also have an adaptogenic action, much like the herb ginseng, but with weaker effects. Laboratory work s***ests that schisandra may improve work performance, build strength, and help to reduce fatigue.

Safety Concerns:
Side effects involving schisandra are uncommon but may include abdominal upset, decreased appetite, and skin rash. Some herbs are known to react with your medication. Please consult your physician before starting on any herb.
Safety in pregnant or nursing women, children, or people with severe liver or kidney disease has not been established.

Dosage Information:
Recomended Dosage: Take 250 mg 1-3 times daily. Do not exceed 1000 mg a day (Schisandra Chinensis 7-9% Schisandrins)

Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside or as per your request. Net weight: 25kg/drum

Storage situation:
Stored in a cool

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