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Astar Biotech Co.,Ltd.

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Astar Biotech Co., Ltd is a trading company engaged in selling Plant Active Ingredients Extracts and Biochemical products which serving the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food additives, feed additives, health care products and so on.
Cooperating with several factories in mainland,we devoted ourselves to promote a healthy industry by supplying more top- quality products for customers in home and abroad, and make contributions to the modernization and internalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine a...
Products List

huperzia serrata extract
berberine hydrochloride
chondroitin sulfate
licorice extract block
bilberry p.e.
grape seed extract
schisandra extract
pomegranate extract
epimedium extract
cortex moutan extract paeonol
andrographis paniculate extract
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Company: Astar Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Michael Chang
Address: 29-31 Cheung Lee Street,
Tel: +852-29738324
Fax: +852-21153613
Homepage: www.astarbio.com

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